A Little About Me

Running for the Sole

I have been running since I was 12, but I never really learned to love running until after I left college. I had great moments and experiences running in Middle School, High School and College (DIII), but I never understood my need for running until it became difficult to fit into my life. In high school and college I had some very knowledgeable and caring coaches. I also had some questionable guidance and people that I gravitated away from, later understanding why. All of those experiences fed my love of running as an adult. Now, nearly 50, I do not run like I used to. Although I have been able to maintain a strong ability to go long distances in trekking and walking, running is now taken carefully and responsibly. I run a few miles a few days a week, but am an avid overall fitness fan. I also typically spend weeks on end in some mountain range every year. The joy of this, I tie right back to the joy of running.

My actual experiences. I coach Middle School Cross Country and Track and Field at a private school outside of Cleveland, Ohio. I raised three kids, all three maintain fitness goals although they vary in seriousness as they pursue college and careers. I am married to a runner and we have enjoyed some miles together. But mostly I am a solo athlete. That is what works best for me. I am also a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children who find themselves involved in the system either on their own accord or because of their family's involvement. This instills in me a healthy sense of perspective when it comes to the Middle Schooler.  I also freelance write. I knit a lot and I raised a Weimaraner (who was my running and hiking companion for 13 years before I her lost in November of 2019). I enjoy helping friends out when they are pursuing fitness goals, and I continually seek education about what is healthy for the adolescent body, not just how to make them faster.