An Important Time of the Year

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

The season is coming to a close in a few weeks. This makes me sad, but also it is an opportunity to recognize all the hard work the athletes have put in since summer. This year it is hard to believe we have made it to October and are still running. Sure our meet schedule was seriously curtailed and the meets were very small. However, it was a great learning process and outlet for us all during the pandemic. I know that my having these kids with me everyday gave me huge perspective about the goals of keeping people safe and taking precautions. It is to protect our precious resources- people. I congratulate my 12-13 year olds for rising to the occasion and really being a part of the safety efforts to keep coaches, teachers and parents safe. Thank you! I hope my team will really engage one last time before we head into winter and for many of you I hear, off to the ski slopes. I hope you will focus on our league meet and give yourself the chance to do the best you can. You have worked so hard since August, I hope you can reward yourself by putting all the things we learned together and run your best race yet. I also hope you will let me know who on the team made an impact on you. That means a lot to me and gives me a chance to recognize those kids that really step up. Take this opportunity, not just for Cross Country, but in many places. Thank someone for showing up for you.

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