For Middle Schoolers: How To Live One Day At A Time

Not too long ago you were living one day at a time as far as you were concerned. As a baby and toddler every day you woke up to renewed awe of what was around you. The familiar was exciting and engaging. Your brain was also changing at this time, growing and making connections that brought you to where you are today. Your brain is still changing, a little less rapidly, and is growing and making connections that will bring you to your next stage. But you need to work a little harder to be excited and engaged now. So here is a little tool. Every morning when you wake up, lay in bed for a little while and think of the most amazing thing you may encounter today. Really think, it has to be amazing. Things I think of are the colony (or fluffle- as the Canadians say) of baby rabbits that congregate in my yard every day, and the food growing from vines in our garden. I also think of my sister who deals with a physical disorder that she has to overcome everyday- and she does! I spend this time in the morning, so when I come across these things during the day my brain experiences them differently, with amazement.

So this is a running website, so how doe this apply to running? It does not have to, but it can. Think of how your body works to make you run. Close your eyes and feel the hard breathing, the sweat, the muscles that work and sometimes burn to get you up a hill or through that mile. Think of the thirst you experience and the water that cools you. Think of how amazing your feet are, that they take hundreds of pounds of pressure over and over to propel you forward. Think of your lungs, your heart, your muscles- how all this comes together to make your move. Appreciate your run.

Find the appreciation of the little things that you have in your grasp everyday. These days will string together and these experiences will too. You will come out the other end of our current challenge a more observant and appreciative person. Being appreciative of many things is a gift and it makes our lives better, our hearts happier.

This is called mindful living. Some people are better at it that others and some times of your life you will be better at it than at other times. Now is a good time to practice mindfulness and get good at it. bring it to what you are doing. When you do, you are bringing your best, too.

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