For Middle Schoolers: Yes you should run on the weekend!

So we were fortunate to be able to start practicing this week with strict rules about masks, distancing and practice duration. We also have small groups of the team meeting at a time instead of everyone at once. This makes for a different type of practice. This also means each athlete needs to be responsible and independent in ways you have not in the past. But I am pretty sure that will benefit you down the road.

One of those independent things is making sure you run one day of a two day weekend. This will allow you to adjust the previous week to your level. Perhaps it was too easy, go for a four miler, uptempo. Maybe it was very challenging- get that two mile route out again and work on it. Weekends are not a time to do speed work or extra workouts (unless of course you are also doing other sports). For a runner, weekends are time for a longer run that is typically at a relaxed pace. It sounds easy, but it does take practice to get yourself comfortable running regularly. If you have access to running partners, use them! Be sure you do some of the basic stretches and exercises coach gave you during the week and enjoy making running your own. Remember, make sure your route is safe, don't wear headphones if you are near traffic or alone (you need to hear what is going on around you), and let someone know where you are going and about how long you expect to be out.

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