For the Middle Schooler: If 2 Miles is daunting, READ THIS

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

OK, so if you are reading this that means you need a little help with covering that first two miles without stopping. And since I am writing this, that means I am going to get you there. So any task that seems beyond reach is easiest accomplished by breaking it down.

So here we go-

To begin, define a two mile route. Things to consider:

1) accessibility- or can you get there. You don't have a drivers liscense, so can you access your route reliably either on foot or do you have someone that will get you to the route pretty much daily.

2) safety- make sure the route you choose is safe in several way- air pollution- keep it to a minimum- (so maybe not down Chagrin Boulevard at 3pm); animals- don't take risk with dogs, often a dog lets walkers go my with no problem but the second they see a runner they go bonkers- so just consider that; people- look, everywhere is not safe especially if you are running alone, there are people in the world we would rather not run into. To help assess the safety of your route consult an adult or older sibling that may have good intel.

3) heat- the shadier the better, just sayin'

4) surface- if you can run on trails or grass this is going to benefit you immensely. Softer surface reduce injury. They also make you work harder. That is why cross country race times are slower than road race times. That hard work is good because it engages a lot more of the muscles in your legs and feet and that in turn strengthens them which means less injury risk- woohoo.

OK, now you have your two mile route. Time to get crackin'.

1) Put those running shoes on and shorts and a top. Then head out.

2) Run slowly. Your first goal is to run the entire route. So when you start out slower, you will last longer.

3) Run as far as you can at this slow pace, when it becomes untenable, walk for 60 seconds (where a watch). Then start up again.

4) If you feel very tired and discourage go into workout mode in your brain. To do this break it down again- run slowly for 60 seconds then walk for 60 seconds and keep this up. Do not shorten the walk, lengthen the run. So if you feel it is too easy, run for 90 second and then walk for 60. Keep this up until you cover the two miles.

5) Do this everyday. Yes really. You will be able to run two miles in no time. You should be able to run two miles. That is a perfectly reasonable thing for a young person to do.

6) Now go look at the previous blog pot, find the workout that sounds easiest and try them out. You've Got This.

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