Its New Years Resolution Time

So it is New Years resolution time, or as I like to call it, New Years Reset. For me this usually focuses on the physical, making sure I am doing the workouts I want and the strengthening and PT I need to keep moving. This year it also includes checking my attitude about everything from COVID to privilege to responsibility. Here, we will talk about the physical. We are still not free to head to gyms, classes or even school and the weather can be a challenge, as much as I like to XC ski, or walk in the winter (run on great days)- cold, snow and ice do keep my intensity down when I am outside. Heading onto the rower has been great and hitting the exercise bike has also helped but adding more weights, yoga and strengthening is also key for me in the winters. I have created my habit checklist on an app and try to hit three of these things everyday. Some suggestions. YouTube is my friend when I do yoga and weights. If you don't own the connected machines or use apps for these YouTube as some good channels- GCN (Global Cycling Network) has workouts for stationary bikes (mine is in front of a flat screen, but an iPad can work) and there are channels for indoor rowing as well- although I find the Concept 2 workouts on the PM5 just fine. For the rest, I often go through a HASfit workout for my upper body, shoulders and arms and in addition to Boho Beautiful for yoga I have found Yoga with Adrienne a great resource. I learned to back off and let yoga be something I enjoy- so I tend toward the beginner or low key videos! Why am I telling you all this?- it is a subtle hint to my athletes to take some time and assess what you are doing and set up some habits to get you through the winter with a head in Spring Track and Field. All that strengthening and lower leg work we did- keep it up or start it again! If you are not in a winter sport or moving daily, get moving, being cardio ready in the first week is a big plus for a short season. Having muscles that are used to being worked and stretched, day one, is going to mean a much more enjoyable and successful time for you! Being fit and moveable is also going to just make you feel better, it will get your mind in the right place and as we look to the start of classes, will set you up to be receptive and engaged. I can't wait for Spring!

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