My Middle School Team's alternative workouts this week

Updated: Aug 29

We are safe to practice at school following our usual protocols. However, if you determine that you wish to take a break here are workouts for this week. If needed, I will post for next week as well. Remember, this is a season to build skills, form and general strength. If you are running well, keep at it, if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed just take it a day and a workout at a time. If a workout is not working for you it is fine to adapt to what you need that day. Whether you are in 7th or 8th grade, the things you do this season will benefit what you will do in future cross country seasons as well as other sports seasons. Right now we are still scheduled to have a few cross country meets. We are preparing to do our best at those. Each of those races is about 2 miles.

Today: At practice we are timing the 1600m on the track. If you are not there Here is what I suggest you do: Run for 15 minutes- easy. Do your dynamic stretches. If you have a route that is about 1600 meters (close to 1 mile), run this as hard as you can- as if I was timing you and you were trying to beat the person in front of you. Rest for 10 minutes, then do a 5 minute warm down jog. Do some basic Core- 3 minutes on planks and LCRs, 5 x 1 minute on abs with 10 second breaks, 3 x12 squats. 3 x 12 toe raises || \/ /\ ( those are the position of your feet). Stretch out with downward dogs to get calves, sit with legs in front to get to your hamstrings. Those who I provided special strengthening exercises- do those too.

Wednesday: This is all Core today. Try this yoga video

It is about 15 minutes long. After this video and a 10 minute rest with water, go through our drills- scoops, zombies, high knees, high skips, A-skips, grape vine with high knee, and 5 x 25m stride outs. Go into stretching beginning with 16-8-4-2-1; downward dog to pigeons to baby cobra. You can find a stretching/strengthening yoga videos on youtube or utilize your memory from practice. After all this take 15 minute walk and think about what is good in your life.

Thurday: As on Tuesday, except the time trial is for 800m.

Friday: Easy 2 miles if you did not do that on Monday. If you did run Monday today is a good day to do another activity, bike, hike, swim, whatever makes you happiest.

Weekend: Run 2-4 miles on one of these days. If you feel like that is not a challenge, take the run at a harder pace. That will help build speed. Monday will be an easy 2 miles or so at practice.


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