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It is cold outside, it is snowy outside and it is difficult to get yourself out there for a run. Luckily around here there is Chapin Forest with XC skiing options even if you do not own skis. Yes with COVID there are restrictions and you need to reserve skis ahead of time, but the trails are still groomed and the evening mile loop is still lit. Make a decision to get out there and work your body! You will have fun too. I was out today, my trail included much of the CC race trail from this Fall, think those hills were hard running? Try skiing up them! I gotta UP my skills. Only a few more weeks until Spring Season- don't wait any longer to start your daily yoga and strengthening and play outside to get those lungs engaged. Coach Jenni completely converted me to Yoga With Adriene- she has lots of free yoga videos on YouTube. Start those yesterday. You don't need to knacker yourself out- just keep moving and using your whole body- you will thank yourself come the first week of Track and Field.

(photo is of my uphill ski- so much fun)

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