Running Plan for the Tween Sitting on the Couch

OK- you have decided to get off the couch, shut down the game for a bit and go run. What to do? Follow these easy steps:

1) Make sure an adult knows you are planning on starting to run. Someone should always know where and when you are going for a run

2) Start slow, really. The first day, if you have not been active should consist of 2 miles. Walk one of them. Don't wear a watch. Over the week run more and more of it.

3) Add 10% a week, no more. This is a good math lesson for your head. Use it as a guide. Once you start running, you can add as much walking and other exercises as you wish. Just keep the running to a 10% increase. It will help avoid very specific overuse injuries.

4) Start charting. Once you get through a week or two go ahead and keep track of your miles. This is motivational.

5) Now you can time. Get a watch or use your phone- whatever, there are tons of ways to track your distance and time. You are now in the habit so pay closer attention.

6) Shoe check. If you are still running, make sure you have the right gear and that consists pretty much of good running shoes. Price matters, but not in the way you think. You cannot run in a cheap non supportive shoe. But you also do not need the $150-$200+ latest and greatest energy returning sole. You need a shoe that is made for running (not other sports), that fits well (pay attention to having enough toe room to wiggle in), and that you dedicate to running (don't wear them around too much it breaks them down before their time.) Running stores are great places to help you find your shoes, but these may be cost prohibitive. If so look online, read about what models are running specific. Brands that are running in specific include but ARE NOT LIMITED TO Saucony, Asics, Brooks, On, Nike running, Adidas running, New Balance running, Mizuno. Of course there are numerous other brands that make running shoes and they may be your favorite. If you find a shoe you love, maybe buy another pair a size up so you have them. The one bad thing about running shoes is they change so much model to model, it is hard to go from shoe to shoe each year when they tweak things. If you are doing higher mileage you will be more sensitive to changes in shoes. More about high mileage on another day.

7) now, just run. Try to stay tall and breath.

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