The Season Has Ended

Track and Field for our Middle School Team ended this week and it was a little sad to say goodbye. We had so much growth this season and Track and Field proved to be a great outlet for the kids who were still facing pandemic restrictions the entire season. While we look forward to a Fall of no masks and once again being able to be near each other without fear, this Spring season will be remembered. So not to be sentimental, athletes now is the time to heal for a few weeks then get to your summer miles and summer strength and conditioning. It is important for the Cross Country runners with goals to use the entire summer to build a healthy fitness level. Having a few runs a week and two focused strength and conditioning sessions along with your general active life style will serve you well when you report early August for Middle Schoolers and early July for the High School. Don't neglect your entire core and the leg muscles that don't get a lot of attention on the long run. Simple routines like push ups, rotating planks, squats and using your bare feet will keep routinely irritated muscles ready to face the repetitive miles in CC. Yoga is a great way to keep strong and limber. YouTube star Yoga With Adriene is my go to short routines that I do many times a week. Get off the roads and get onto trails and take off your watch. Enjoy moving and make appointments to run with friends. That is the running lifestyle.

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