Track week one- in Ohio it was cold

So our first week of track and field was extremely cold and we were outside because with the pandemic, that is where we were assigned for safety. But, our middle schoolers persevered and learned a handful of key drills, high jump, long jump, hurdles, starts and threw a few shots and ran some too. When it is 15 degrees (F) outside with the wind, you have to make things fun. I was really pleased with the "can do" attitude our kids brought to the track. So what did we do. Each day we just added on something new. It keeps the middle school mind engaged and lets them try something they will not try for the first time once they get to high school. Every kid rotated through each skill and retained the choice of how much effort they wanted to put in. Our team is very small this season so everyone can do what they want and keep at it as long as they wish. We ran through several days of hurdle drills that we found on YouTube by Queen Harrison-Claye. She has a really good, easy to follow and understand hurdle drill video. It is here Once the kids had the basics we let them just run through the hurdles then I asked them to take what they just learned and think about it imagine and play with the single hurdle. I put a hurdle in front of several of my athletes and asked them to visualize, play around, imagine and lift the legs as they would need to, then go over the hurdle. After that they came back to the 100m hurdles and ran through them. They improved. The other video I utilized when teaching high jump to those who have never high jumped. Following this video has proven very effective in our program. The video by Keinan Briggs is here It has been a fun first week with no pressure, next week we expect some much warmer temps and some more running and skill practice. With the pandemic comes a focus on fun for the kids, and the coaches are having fun too.

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