Winding down for the season

The season seemed to come to an abrupt end , as seasons do. One day you are prepping and all in for the big race, then you run it and it is over. True to Middle School sports we had performances of all kinds at our league meet, including some really fine PRs by two of our "back of the pack" kids. By "back of the pack" on our team that just means you were number 8-10. It was a thrill to see the excitement on races well run and time goals met. A few will continue for a last race this weekend and that will be exciting. But it will be without the full team as COVID precautions change things. So what to do now? Under Team Work are the strengthening exercises that are good all year round and, combined with other activity will serve a young athlete well. Trying a new sport of just making sure the one's you already do carry you through the winter will be great for your physical and mental health. YouTube indoor workout videos are a great way to make sure you get 3-4 heartbeat raising sessions in each week. As a guide, be active for at least 20 minutes and depending on the intensity, up to an hour is good. Also take mini breaks during the day to move. Most of our smart watches remind us if we have been sitting for an hour or more. Take that idea to heart and get up and do things, clean, walk the dog, shoot some hoops, do a little yoga, play with a sibling, go get the mail, anything for a few minutes to reenergize. Run on.

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